COVID-19 update:  Unfortunately, due to hotel closures and travel restrictions around the world, we have temporarily suspended auditor recruitment.  Individuals may still send us an application by following the process below so that we can keep it on file for when recruitment begins again.

We are proud of our auditors and committed to ensuring they receive the highest levels of training so that we can ensure independent, consistent and robust audits at all our properties.    We are currently seeking well-qualified and experienced individuals who are passionate about sustainability to join our global auditing team. 

Please carefully read through all of the information on this page to find out if being a Travelife auditor is right for you and how to apply.



Be fluent in English plus at least one other language, with excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Have a qualification in environmental, sustainability or tourism studies OR at least 2 years’ work experience in an environmental, sustainability or hospitality field.

Have an environmental auditing qualification OR an equivalent qualification (e.g. health & safety auditing) OR at least 2-years experience as an environmental auditor.

Have experience or knowledge of one or more international standards


Have tourism industry experience, especially in the hospitality sector.


Provide independent, objective assessments that evaluate whether Travelife accommodation providers comply with the Travelife Standard.

Provide Travelife with detailed assessment reports following each audit.

During audits, identify and communicate weaknesses and areas for improvement including best practice that goes beyond minimum requirements.

Take responsibility for arranging audit dates and times with accommodation providers that have been assigned to you for audit.

Provide outstanding levels of professionalism and customer service whilst remaining independent and objective.

Undergo the initial Travelife Auditing Training programme at a non-refundable cost of €250 plus travel & accommodation expenses, and keep knowledge and skills current by completing online regular online training, attending online meetings, reading Travelife updates and agreeing to regular on-site observations and spot checks of your audits.


If your application is successful, you will be required to agree to abide by our Auditor Code of Conduct.  Click here to read it.


All of our auditors must agree to abide by our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy that we strictly enforce.  Click here to read it.

This quiz will help you establish if you have the right qualifications, skills and experience to proceed with your application to become a Travelife Approved Auditor and to proceed with our training programme.  The results are not shared with Travelife.  If you make a mistake simply refresh this page and start again.

1. Are you fluent in both written and verbal English?


2. Do you have any of the following?

An undergraduate degree in environmental sustainability?


An undergraduate degree in tourism studies?


At least five years experience in an environmental or sustainability field?


3. Do you have any of the following?

An environmental auditing qualification


An equivalent qualification (e.g. health & safety auditing)


At least 2-years experience as an environmental auditor


4. Are you fluent in at least one other language (in addition to English)?


5. Do you have experience of working with (or a working knowledge of) at least one international standard?


Question 1 of 5


All applicants are required to complete a test to assess your basic sustainability knowledge and English proficiency.  This online assessment consists of six short questions and the answers are submitted to Travelife along with your application.

Once the competency assessment has been completed, you can complete the online application form.  You will need to upload your CV so please make sure you have an updated version available that includes full details of your work and education history.  You will also need to write about why you want to be an auditor for Travelife and answer some other general questions.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to enroll in the online theory training course.  In order to enroll you will need to pay a non-refundable fee of €250 that can be paid online by card or PayPal.  As soon as your payment is processed you will have access to the training area of the Auditor Zone and your own personalised training dashboard.  This will contain all of the training materials, online assessments and you will be able to track your progress.

At the end of the course you will need to pass an online theory exam in order to proceed with your practical training.  The theory training takes approximately 10 hours to complete and includes the following topics:

Introduction to tourism, travel and accommodation | Introduction to Travelife | The Travelife Standard | Anti-Bribery and Corruption | Travelife Auditor Code of Conduct | Travelife Complaints & Appeals

Once you have passed the theory course you will be able to attend our in-person practical training course.  This course is conducted by our Lead Auditor, takes around 5-days and is generally held at a hotel so that practical auditing techniques can be incorporated.

There are only a certain number of practical training courses held around the world each year, so some trainees will have to wait several months before a space becomes available in a suitable location.  For this reason, your theory training is valid for 6-months.

You will probably need to travel to your training and depending on where you live, this could include overseas travel.  There is no fee for the practical training course but you will need to cover your own travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.

The last day of the course will involve shadowing a Travelife auditor during a full-day live audit and during the course you will be asked to hand in your signed Auditor Agreement so that you are ready to audit yourself.  This will be made available in advance so that you have plenty of time to review the terms of the agreement.


20th to 23rd January 2020, Phuket, Thailand

2nd to 5th March 2020, Lisbon, Portugal

Once you enroll on the Auditor Theory Training course you will be able to request a place on an upcoming practical training course.

After you have completed your practical training you will need to pass an online theory exam and a practical assessement where an experienced Travelife auditor or a Travelife staff member will observe you carrying out a live audit.

Once you have completed the training programme you will received a certificate from Travelife, gain access to the Approved Auditor area of the online Auditor Zone and will be able to begin bidding for audits.

All Travelife Approved Auditors are expected to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date as part of the Travelife Audit Quality Control Programme.  This involves the following: -

Completing annual online refresher training (up to 4 modules per year)

Attending any special online training that covers things like changes to the Travelife Standard or the types of evidence an auditor must look for.

Read any Auditor Advisories that are sent electronically by Travelife.  These contain important information that auditors need to be aware of.

Undergo ad-hoc shadow audits when a Senior Auditor or Travelife staff member observes some or part of an audit you are carrying out.


Micro property audit (maximum guest occupancy of 30 guests) €160 + travel costs
Small property audit (maximum guest occupancy of 31 to 160 guests) €160 + travel costs
Medium & Large property audit (maximum guest occupancy of 161 to 1,000 guests) €260 + travel costs
Mega property audit (maximum guess occupancy of 1,000+ guests) €350 + travel costs
Writing a country profile that is accepted for use by Travelife €250
Ad-hoc work such as delivering presentations at Travelife events, providing hotel consultancy work €200 per day + travel costs

By the 5th of each month you must submit us an invoice containing your bank account details for any work you carried out in the previous month.  We will process this within 28-days and pay directly into your bank account.

Yes.  Before you complete your final practical assessment you will be asked to sign our Auditor Agreement.  This outlines the rights and obligations of both you and Travelife Ltd.   The Auditor Agreement is available for you to review in the training area of the Auditor Zone.   The contract is valid for 2-years and will only be renewed if you pass our annual performance assessment and complete any mandatory online training that will include a short annual refresher course.

You will also need to sign our Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy and our Auditor Code of Conduct.  Training will be provided on both of these documents and you will be asked to sign them after you complete your theory training course.

That depends on a number of factors such as how many hotels are due for audits in your region, along with how experienced and engaged you are.  When you become an Approved Auditor you will able bid on audits that we have available.  That means you let us know that you are interested in carrying out the audits, let us know what dates you are available and estimate your travel expenses.    Auditors that have been fully engaged with us are more likely to be allocated audits that they bid on.  Being engaged means things like completed online training, attending online meetings, taking care of administrative tasks quickly and accurately (invoicing, uploading reports, agreeing dates with hotels) and consistently following the Auditor Code of Conduct.

Every year we carry out a performance assessment of our auditors to ensure that our standards remain high and that our auditors are being consistent.  This performance assessment includes the following: -

The results of post-audit surveys that we send to properties after each audit

Feedback from the Travelife Certifications team about the quality of the audit reports you complete

Completion of the annual online refresher training

Reading Auditor Advisories

Completion of any other mandatory online training we might release

Prompt and accurate attention to administrative tasks such as invoicing, confirming audit dates with properties and so on